I got engaged at twenty-three years old and married after a year and a half engagement at twenty-four. Now that I’m “so much older,” I can’t believe anyone let me do that! I was recently reading this article, “Why women in their 20s rush into marriage,” and it got me thinking. Did I rush into marriage? Yes, we definitely rushed […]

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Date Night

February 13, 2012

This weekend Mom and Dad had the lovely opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the city for the day and spend the night at a hotel. In the anticipation of an evening out of this nature, I go through many mixed feelings. At first I almost feel as if this type of outing is unnecessary and at this stage there’s […]

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It’s about rights

January 26, 2012

So I’ve definitely shown my true colors by explaining my feelings about the Kardashians. I think they are unbelievably beautiful, nice to look at, and oddly entertaining. That all being said, I have felt very slighted by Kim’s marriage. Not that I expected it to be more than your average celebrity marriage. And definitely not that they owe me anything […]

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Working my way through the day

January 6, 2012

Adam did it again. He managed to make my much dreaded birthday amazing! And part of that was the gift he gave me, a gift that keeps giving. The funny thing was that I distinctly said to Adam that I couldn’t imagine what he had gotten me since I hadn’t hinted at anything. Yet he got me exactly what I […]

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Marriage Boredom

January 4, 2012

Do you ever get bored of being married? My single friends are going to hate this blog like I hate it when they say that they are bored nights and weekends because they have too much downtime. Do you ever get bored of being married? I don’t mean bored of your husband because that’s a problem that you need to […]

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Birthday Blues

December 21, 2011

Every year I dread my birthday. It’s not an age thing, although I’m not pleased about that. It’s more a time thing. My birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Years. It’s really the worst time to have a birthday. For the last twelve years, Adam has consistently made my birthday wonderful. He has given me countless amazing presents, thrown […]

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Chrismukkah by Rachel Thompson

December 15, 2011

I grew up as what I endearingly call, a super jew. My Mom was the music teacher at my temple so I was always involved from a very young age. From religious school to Hebrew school, Jewish Overnight Camps and Temple Youth Groups, I really took it in. It became a central part of my identity. When it came time […]

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I think my husband is going to divorce me…

November 22, 2011

On my first and only, to date, full day of packing, I made a critical error. Let’s talk about what I define as critical. Spilling bleach on a box full of clothes would potentially be considered critical. Setting fire to a location in one’s home would also be considered critical. Do you see the severity of the word critical in […]

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Single Girl’s Two Cents

November 21, 2011

I am spending the afternoon today in the Life of Heli. In the time span that it usually takes me to shower and get ready, we ate lunch, picked up Drew from pre-school, went to get Drew a haircut, and put the kids down for a nap. As a single girl myself, it is important to me to maintain relationships […]

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Help Wanted

October 26, 2011

I have not been quiet about how amazing my husband is (re: Adam’s Spell). In addition to his endless patience with me and my craziness, he is good at so many things! He honestly is the best dad a kid could ever ask for. He is excellent tech support. He has the best sense of humor of anyone I know, […]

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