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November 21, 2011

I am spending the afternoon today in the Life of Heli. In the time span that it usually takes me to shower and get ready, we ate lunch, picked up Drew from pre-school, went to get Drew a haircut, and put the kids down for a nap.

As a single girl myself, it is important to me to maintain relationships with my friends in the “Mommy Club.” I hate to admit that sometimes I feel jealous of what Heli and others have-loving husbands, adorable children, and owning their own homes. Today, as Heli read to Drew and Gabby and kissed them on their foreheads before their naps, I felt happy for and proud of my friend but also thinking-when is it my turn?

If Heli was sitting here (instead of running to the grocery store sans toddlers) she would say something like, “When the time is right, it will come and it will be all worth it.” Why do I have this need to fast forward my life? Why can’t I appreciate what I have? I suppose I am like Heli in this way-always looking ahead instead of stopping to appreciate what I do have.

And I know-partially due to luck, but a lot of it is from hard work-but I do have a lot. I have a loving family, amazing friends (both single and married, with and without kids), a wonderful job, and, well, the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I took the time to do so many things that make me who I am today-I traveled, ran a marathon, and achieved my goals professionally.

So when will it be my turn? I don’t know. But what I do know is that when it is my time to get married and have kids- it will be great. (I have the best role model, after all). In the meantime, I think I may take a nap. These kids poop me out.

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