Date Night

February 13, 2012

This weekend Mom and Dad had the lovely opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the city for the day and spend the night at a hotel. In the anticipation of an evening out of this nature, I go through many mixed feelings.

At first I almost feel as if this type of outing is unnecessary and at this stage there’s no reason for us to celebrate Valentine’s Day like a new couple. After almost 13 years together, we have celebrated MANY Valentine’s Days, anniversaries and birthdays. At times it feels like we have done just about everything we could probably do to celebrate. Now we have children and our focus should be the kids. Valentine’s Day has become a family holiday for us.

Then, however, the ecstasy of an uninterrupted meal sets in. The chance to follow where the wind takes us. The thrill of a child-free day sets in. My enthusiasm for this rises and I suddenly don’t understand how I could ever have doubted the need for an evening like this. At times I almost felt like I wouldn’t make it to Saturday.

Lastly comes the logistics. Making sure each child has all they need to be set up for the next 24 hours is a task like none other! What if Gabby doesn’t like the hummus I pack her, what if Drew is upset with the pjs he chose in the am, etc etc. And by the time we actually leave the house, we have 20 bags and still feel like we neglected something.

You may remember from last year, A Fairy Tale Story, that evenings like these don’t always go as planned. Ours did though. The chance to regroup and have an evening to ourselves was just what the doctor ordered. We recharged our batteries and came back to our wonderful children better parents as a result.

Every day of the year I have the best husband and friend. Unfortunately we sometimes get caught up in the craziness of life and find ourselves in the trenches of so much craze that its hard to celebrate each other and our relationship. I’m glad we took the time to do it this Valentine’s Day and look forward to finding excuses for all the years to come! And our kids made us feel like we never left once we were back together again. Chaos here we come!

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