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Momma’s Got Some Bling

October 27, 2011

Disclaimer: I am by no means being compensated for this post. I am merely sharing information based on my experience. The only benefit being to help out a friend. If Stella & Dot would like to compensate me for this blog, I will gladly take any sort of compensation they see fit for this glowing review 🙂 I have a […]

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Shear Genius!

October 19, 2011

From approximately 12 months until about 30 months are the tough times. They are the months where the child is starting to gain some independence – walking, feeding themselves, bathrooming, etc. And for those of us who have major germ issues, it can be really challenging to watch your children try these new skills out. Drew had a hard time, […]

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Bring on the snacks!!!

October 13, 2011

For those of us who have an allergy princess who is very picky, this snack is great. Not to mention, much like her mother, she could easily eat the whole bag. That desire has helped out with many different restaurant outings. As long as the supply of veggie sticks are plentiful, Gabby is quite content. World Gourmet Veggie Straws are […]

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Oh the joys of TV

October 5, 2011

Sadly, one of my most favorite ways to relax is watching tv. So with the fall comes the new programming. Playboy Club, which I did not watch, was cancelled so it made me think of what new shows I absolutely love. Top three shows of the season… 1. Up All Night What parent can’t identify with this show?! Not to […]

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To Pop or Not to Pop?

September 24, 2011

Is ok for kids to have pop? Is it even ok for adults to have soda? At what age is it acceptable? I add this to my favorite things because I love pop as my special treat. I, of course, love an added caffeine boost mid-day but I happen to really love these two sodas as a treat (with and […]

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What’s the deal?

September 13, 2011

Homemade applesauce – denied! Organic applesauce – denied! Cinnamon applesauce – denied! GoGo Squeez – bring it on! Drew has never been a big fan of applesauce. In fact, he once threw up when I gave him homemade applesauce. Ironically, I loved every bite but he would not eat it! Gabby completely denies any efforts for me to try and […]

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Do you need a high chair?

September 2, 2011

I have a friend who is about to be a first time mom and I tried to come up with some bits of wisdom on mommy products. Of the few I had to offer her one was my feelings on highchairs. To high chair or not to high chair, that is the question? I’m thinking not to high chair. With […]

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The Car Seat Debacle of 2011

August 17, 2011

When Drew was first born I researched the variety of car seats available for an infant and settled on a Graco. It was quite practical; universal with most strollers, had lovely attachments to fit into different bases for different cars and allowed the child to be carried while sleeping without being moved. I discussed with other mothers the value of […]

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Oooooh Aaaaah

August 10, 2011

I’m obsessed. I know obsessed may sound extreme for a towel but I was in a really tough spot before this towel came into our lives. Maybe tough isn’t the right word. Wet. We were in a wet spot. Drew, being a three year old or two year old at the time, had outgrown those baby hoody towels. He had […]

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Strollers Anonymous

July 28, 2011

Clearly there’s a need for ONE stroller, and maybe even two strollers once you have your second. But why does anyone need FOUR strollers?!?! We have four strollers; we should probably go to a “Strollers Anonymous” group. When we had our first child we were gifted, by my dear in-laws, the very expensive (and prestigious) Bugaboo Cameleon. At the time, […]

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