Strollers Anonymous

July 28, 2011

Clearly there’s a need for ONE stroller, and maybe even two strollers once you have your second. But why does anyone need FOUR strollers?!?! We have four strollers; we should probably go to a “Strollers Anonymous” group.

When we had our first child we were gifted, by my dear in-laws, the very expensive (and prestigious) Bugaboo Cameleon. At the time, we thought it was the most amazing stroller with durable wheels, the ability to clip your car seat in, a basinet and toddler seat, etc.

As time went on we realized that it was an overpriced, impractical, huge stroller. If you wanted a cup holder, it was extra. If you wanted a snack tray, it was extra. If you wanted diaper bag clips, it was extra. Our parents could never set it up or break it down because it was too complicated. It was hard to maneuver because of its size. It would have been easier to just get a light weight, inexpensive “Snap and Go” and umbrella stroller (which we ultimately ended up buying).

After we had our second, we spent a great deal of time trying to figure out which stroller was best as our double stroller. Problem was that we wanted something lightweight and easy to maneuver like the double Maclaren (Twin Triumph). We love it for outings, for the most part, but it’s not as easy to push with two individual handles, and doesn’t do great on rugged terrain.

Since we are very physical and like to run, it led us to our fourth stroller. We have the double BOB. This is by far our favorite stroller from the sense that it’s the easiest to get around in. Kids are comfortable in it and there’s plenty of room for storage. It is really heavy though. When we are running we have to switch off every half mile (it’s really no wonder with 55lbs of children riding in it). And it’s enormous! It commands the road, takes up the entire trunk and you pretty much need a license to operate it. It does, however, break down and pull up amazingly well.

My name is Heli and I have an addiction for strollers!

4 thoughts on “Strollers Anonymous

  1. Hahaha! I think my husband would send me to that same group! 🙂 I have since sold my single Graco (the monster-big one) and my Graco DuoGlide double. Now all we have left is our double jogger, single jogger, and single umbrella-style. Plus we have the Burley trailer (which you can attach a wheel in the front to use as a stroller) and a wagon with the trailer attachment. I need a separate garage just for all this crap! 🙂

    • Totally agree! We are currently only parking one car in our two car garage because of all our strollers, riding toys, etc. I’m not sure one stroller is even practical for anyone. I read somewhere that the average family has 7 strollers by the time their family is grown. I think that’s a little crazy but I guess it means we are below the average. Not too bad!

    • Yes, the double BOB. I read that you didn’t want a wide stroller, that’s why I didn’t respond. It is quite large but it’s really the most comfortable for us. Good luck!

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