Oooooh Aaaaah

August 10, 2011

I’m obsessed. I know obsessed may sound extreme for a towel but I was in a really tough spot before this towel came into our lives. Maybe tough isn’t the right word. Wet. We were in a wet spot.

Drew, being a three year old or two year old at the time, had outgrown those baby hoody towels. He had received a robe as a present and thought that that robe should take the place of his too small and too thin hoody towels. Robes don’t really replace towels well though.

For Drew’s birthday, he got an AMAZING towel from his dear friend Rowan. It’s a hoody towel for a toddler. It’s heavy, it’s big, it’s durable and the best part is there is less water all over the bathroom as a result.

This towel is from a company called Boogie Baby
We only have a towel but based on the quality of this towel I’m sure everything is great! It’s a really cute, high quality gift for any child. Just wanted to spread the word to all my great readers 🙂

6 thoughts on “Oooooh Aaaaah

  1. Hi Heli! I’ve bought several baby blankets as gifts (including one for Max!) and they are all super high quality and the parents love them! 🙂 So you are right – it’s not just the towels! 🙂 Hope you are well! Kara

  2. Oops…I should have clarified! I have bought several baby blankets from Boogie Baby! 🙂

  3. Heli,

    They sell great hooded toddler towels at Kohl’s in all different animals for like $15 or so! Sophia has a butterfly and a lion….she LOVES THEM!!! Try it out and let me know!!!

  4. Boogie Baby is owned by my moms friend Ellie. She is amazing at what she does. The blanket I gave Drew when he was born is made by Boogie Baby as well.

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