We speak the same language!

June 22, 2012

I love that Drew is a boy’s boy. I love that he has passions…obsessions for sports. I love that he is who he is. But there are times that I’m so glad I have a daughter too. Gabby and I speak an unspoken common language. I get her and her interests in a way that I absolutely don’t with Drew. I work very hard to try, but it’s not the same thing.

After efforts of going to the pool as a trio where Drew wants to shoot water guns and Gabby is unhappy putting her toes in, I decided to take the princess by herself. I realized that her style, is far more like my style. Gabby likes to lounge while snacking…now that I totally understand! Say no more!

As much as I have had my concerns about Gabby developing her girly side sufficiently, I now realized that she needed more tools to help her. So thankfully due to the recent birthday party, she has obtained many girly things to help with this cause.

Drew finds himself wanting to be a masked super hero and Gabby finds herself wearing her new necklaces and clutching her bag. I totally get the infatuation with jewels and handbags, masked super heroes a little less.

Given the opportunity to adorn fairy wings, a magic wand and a tutu…I’m happy as a lark. Fortunately for me, Gabby relates!!!

I’m crazy for my jersey obsessed, You Tube sports nut but I find it hard to fully embrace these things at times. But who couldn’t love this face?!?!?

3 thoughts on “We speak the same language!

  1. I am all about girlie things for girls too, but SOPHIA IS OBSESSED…she only wants to wear dresses, but not just dresses, DRESSES THAT TWIRL UP WHEN SHE SPINS!!! It’s crazy! She always needs nailpolish on – and I am horrible at that – I still bite my nails! A tomboy growing up and a girlie girl is hard, but I am learning the ropes of girlhood…want to trade sometime for a little???

    • Seriously! But honestly I think its the obsessiveness of it that makes it hard. I could totally deal if Drew just liked sports a little. It’s the all or nothing nature of it. And perhaps you’d feel the same way if Sophia was more in the middle???

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