A Relaxing Day at the Pool

May 29, 2012

I lived to tell the tale which in and of itself is a feat. It’s not unusual for a mom to take her children to the pool. And most probably take it all in their stride…la la la la la we’re going to the pool. Most doesn’t mean me. If I’ve proved nothing in my blogs is that I’m a paranoid freak that makes everything WAY more complicated than it has to be.

Once our health club pool opened, I knew that my intention for the summer was to spend a lot of time there. It’s an easy built in activity that follows my workout regimen rather nicely. Plus, despite the unruly cost per month there isn’t any additional costs to a day spent there. However, my anxiety over managing two kids at that pool made for an underlying dread of Memorial Day.

Today, the day after Memorial Day, I decided that there was no better day to start to face my fears. I packed a lunch, unfortunately to find out that no outside food is allowed..doh! I packed up floaties, toys, bathing suits, diapers, sunscreen, yadda yadda. I was equipped. I was so equipped that Adam thought I was leaving him when he saw my bags packed this morning.

But as you may remember, relive it here or here, Drew has already had some issues in the pool So all the luggage in the world could not really prepare me for this endeavor. I refuse to succumb to my insecurities so I was ready to face this one head on!

We were all slathered in sunscreen and ready to take the plunge…

I don’t know how the pool will be all summer long but today it was pretty empty. I think the lifeguards sensed the reckless nature of these two maniacs, not to mention the slight undertone of hysteria in my voice, so they watched them like hawks. Boy, I love my gym. There were definitely those points where Drew would start to test his boundaries but the blood curdling screech out of my voice seemed to be a pleasant warning to reel him in, and also lit a fire under the lifeguards to watch him.

There was one major issue though. Gabby, much like her mother, preferred something else to swimming…

And Drew preferred to be swimming…

Needless to say, even though there were no major catastrophes, it was not relaxing. Despite that it takes twenty plus minutes to get us ready and fifteen minutes to get us dressed again, we only lasted forty-five minutes. Mainly because it was all mom could take! Baby steps…at least we all survived.

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