Minivans = Parenthood?

August 19, 2014

Why don’t minivans come with a bank teller/Walgreens style box system where one could pass a much desired snack (or equally as necessary item) to the back row?!? I heard new minivans come with a speaker system where back row can hear better. I can promise the back row can hear my screams and it’s quite possible that a speaker […]

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The Illusion of Relaxation

July 23, 2014

Explain to me how twenty minutes back home could undo all the hard work I put into getting to a point of relaxation (and I mean HARD work). It’s not easy to de-stress. It’s not easy to get to a point where life can move at a moderate speed, where your only responsibility is to think about yourself and hear […]

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The Vacation Phenomenom

May 6, 2014

I’m sitting here in a state of quiet relaxation and I find myself yearning to hang with the under six crowd next to me. Say what?!? I’ve been given a license of peace away from tears, temper tantrums and balancing acts and I’m busy making googly eyes with the nine month old next to me! What is wrong with me??? […]

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Adults only VACATION!!!!!!!

April 30, 2014

In two days I am going on vacation ALONE with my husband!!!!! I’m so unbelievably excited, words cannot express. However, I am slightly (well a tad more than slightly) concerned about the well being of my parents, the unsuspecting caregivers to my monsters. I’m concerned about the abuse, the physical endurance, and the long hours necessary to keep this ship […]

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3 Truths

April 7, 2014

Five and three quarters years of parenting, three children, and I’m FINALLY starting to understand some hard truths to this whole parenting gig. What can I say…I’ve been a little late to the game with everything having to do with this parenthood thing. Better late than never, right? For one, I’m kinda a big deal to these people. Mom. Mama. […]

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Break is overrated

January 9, 2014

I blogged just a few short days ago of my reluctance to getting back on schedule (read that here). To that blog I say…why???? Why would I not be elated to get back into our structure? My kids seem to thrive in a predetermined plan full of all the things they enjoy. Downtime is filled with complaints- too much screen […]

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Break From Normal

January 3, 2014

Just a mere two weeks ago, I was sweating it. Two weeks without structure, without a schedule. I didn’t think we had enough play dates scheduled. I was concerned that we’d spend our entire two weeks shuffling between the gym and our house, completely stir crazy. Boy, was I wrong. Low and behold Adam’s entire office shut down. Coming off […]

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Vaca Rehashed

December 18, 2013

There are many things one takes away from a trip to Disney, these are just some of mine. -There is entirely no need to pack a three year old girl anything but costumes for an entire 10 day stay. -Why rent a crib when you have a stroller?!?! -Character fears set in at a very early age. -The joys of […]

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Ready or Not, Here We Come!!!!

December 5, 2013

Almost as if someone from up above knew that I would try to squeeze in Disney preparations on top of my otherwise crazy schedule, I’ve been stuck at home with my sick baby. And although he’s been stuck like glue to me during his waking hours, he has napped for extreme (insanely productive) periods of time. One might not think […]

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Embrace the Chaos

December 4, 2013

The other day while carting around Noah on my variety of errands, I spotted a mother with her toddler daughter doing what looked like what I was doing a year plus ago – chatting, laughing, and being silly. Tear, tear. Somehow when I wasn’t looking the tides have changed. Instead of running errands and being my right hand lady while […]

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