Ready or Not, Here We Come!!!!

December 5, 2013

Almost as if someone from up above knew that I would try to squeeze in Disney preparations on top of my otherwise crazy schedule, I’ve been stuck at home with my sick baby. And although he’s been stuck like glue to me during his waking hours, he has napped for extreme (insanely productive) periods of time.


One might not think these enormous mounds of things are anything but a giant mess. However, that person would be wrong. These piles exemplify strategy in its finest.


And to think if this little man hadn’t brought home this spontaneously high untreatable fever just days before the biggest trip we’ve taken as a five person family, then this artistry would be impossible.


So fasten your seat belts boys and girls because in approximately 22 hours we will be on an airplane with one stop ahead – Disney!!!! Just hope this little trouble maker gets better before we meet Mickey!!!


3 thoughts on “Ready or Not, Here We Come!!!!

  1. Heli, make sure Noah does not have an ear infection! If he does, he might scream the whole plane ride. I hope not, but that might be the high fever.

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