Three survival tips for single parents

February 11, 2016


By: Anthony Howe

Raising a child for the first time is like a journey into the middle of the vast sea – full of

unpredictable events, violent storms, and, sometimes, peaceful sailing. It’s difficult enough to

raise a kid with a partner, however it’s a lot more difficult if you’re a single parent.

Despite all the hardships, being a parent is an unforgettable experience that you can be proud of

when you see your child grow up to be a successful person. Remember, you’re not alone in this as

there are millions of parents out there who are experiencing what you’re going through right

now. If you need some tips on how to better deal with being a single parent, here are some ideas

for you.

Join forces

Strength in numbers is one of the best ways to deal with single parenting. If you have a good

friend who’s also a single parent, you can meet up, catch up, and let your kids play with one

another. The kids may cry and do silly things, but at least you’re weathering it with the support of

a person whom you know and trust.

If you don’t have a friend who’s also a single parent, it’s a good idea to join a single parent

support group. There are several on Facebook and one of them is Parents Without Partners.

There’s also the BabyCenter Community for parents who are taking care of newborns. Any group

that can become your outlet as a single parent will be nice for you.

Be inspired

There are groups out there that tirelessly work towards improving the lives of less fortunate

children. There are thousands of charitable institutions that bring comfort and relief to kids who

are living with or without their parents. If these parents and children from countries that are

ravaged by strife can survive and find meaning in life, you most definitely can since you’re living

in a country free country with greater opportunities. Read stories about single parents who

successfully bring up their kids with a little help from kind-hearted people who work at charities

for a little inspiration.

Stay positive

It’s quite easy to be overwhelmed by the tasks and responsibilities of a single parent: making

breakfast, taking kids to school, preparing snacks, taking them to soccer practice, etc. Despite all

that, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude for the sake of your kids. After all, they can be

affected by your mood. The best way to deal with stress is to get enough rest, “you time,” and

exercise. Find balance in your life. Whenever you feel sad, share your sentiments with your peers

and remember that you are not alone.

Being a single parent can be difficult but that doesn’t mean it’s all rain and thunder. Children

should be a ray of light amidst a challenging life.

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