Foo Fighters Meet Yoga

July 12, 2012

Today in yoga the teacher played a Foo Fighters song that I have always loved (Everlong) but an acoustic version that really made me think… “if everything could ever feel this real forever if anything could be this good again” Now bear in mind these words penetrated my mind after a grueling workout very close to the point of cool […]

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Dearest Gabby,

June 26, 2012

You have been Mama’s little girl from the get go. Maybe it was because Drew was such a Daddy’s boy. But whatever the reason, we clicked from the very beginning. In some ways I think you have gotten the best of me. With Drew, switching modes and becoming a mom was challenging at times and it took some getting used […]

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My baby is almost 2!!

June 25, 2012

Two years ago tomorrow my little princess joined our family. My savior in a world full of testosterone. She came into this world with some gusto and hasn’t toned it down ever since. When I found out I was having a girl, I was dumbfounded. I had wanted a girl very badly…mostly for all the wrong reasons, so I could […]

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Dear Drew,

June 12, 2012

You have always been a crazy, wild guy from the first moment you emerged into this world. The energy and passion you have for life is unlike anything. From the moment you could focus on a baseball, you haven’t taken your eye off of the prize. You were the only one-year old who was glued to his seat for all […]

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My first baby is turning 4

June 11, 2012

Tomorrow my first baby turns four. Four years ago I became a mom for the first time. Four years ago I fell in the most painful, rewarding love of my life. Four years ago I became a completely different person, an unrecognizable person, overnight. Four years ago my life changed in ways I could have never anticipated. I always love […]

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June 1, 2012

With the school year now officially over, cleaning out cubbies has inspired me to do something that has been on my “To Do” List for WAY too long! It’s time to brush off the baby books and document important things like first steps, school pictures, etc. I was going to be one of those parents who documented everything. It started […]

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Runs Gone By…

May 14, 2012

In our old neighborhood, I had gone for about ten thousand runs…maybe more. I had all the different routes tracked. I could anticipate every turn, every house, and in some cases every bit of landscaping. In my years of running around our old neighborhood, I had a “go to” mix I would listen to. Today I ran in our new […]

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Motherhood Defined

May 11, 2012

Some people say they have my eyes. My mother tells me that he has my temperament. I’d like to think she has my fashion sense. Its hard to say who they are and even harder to understand where they came from. Almost four years ago I became a mother. Yeah, I received my first Mother’s Day gift while my first […]

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I’m Legal Now!

May 10, 2012

It is officially official. Although it reminds me of when you change your name after you get married, months (or sometimes years) later you find something you totally forgot to change. I now have a license saying that I am a resident where I currently live. It’s ironic since Saturday we will be doing our very first walk through of […]

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DeLorean Needed!!!

March 2, 2012

There’s something about becoming a parent for the first time. Recently a few friends of mine have become first time parents and I’m completely and totally jealous of them. I’m not jealous of the lack of sleep, the nervousness of learning how to handle an infant and I’m not jealous of being a Human vending machine for an infant. I […]

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