Foo Fighters Meet Yoga

July 12, 2012

Today in yoga the teacher played a Foo Fighters song that I have always loved (Everlong) but an acoustic version that really made me think…

“if everything could ever feel this real forever
if anything could be this good again”

Now bear in mind these words penetrated my mind after a grueling workout very close to the point of cool down where you essentially lay like a dead person. I find that this point is frequently the most optimistic, calm and grateful point of my day.

Anyway, I felt that those words were so appropriate for this time in my life. So many times I have blogged about people yearning for this time in their lives – when their kids were young. And as an overwhelmed mother it is often easy to get frustrated by that because we are so caught up in the present moment, all the chaos.

This moment, when my son is 4, my daughter is 2 and I’m expecting our 3rd…is real. At times its real like a loud wake up call when you are in a sound slumber. But at times it’s real in a way that this moment is so rich in so much love and happiness. Whichever end of the spectrum it is at the present moment or more frequently…it is most definitely real.

Minutes after a great workout, most people would agree, its hard to imagine that anything could be this good again. In addition to how I feel post workout, and in contrast to all the bitching and moaning I usually do about frustration with my kids and disappointment with myself, right now my life is so good (knock on wood!!!). I’m staying at home with the most special little beings I could ever dream up, living in a house that I love with a man that my best friend and my crush rolled into one. I’m on the cusp of growing our family and there’s so much excitement that comes with a new baby joining the picture. This is good.

Don’t tune out to this blog yet with thoughts that you only like reading my angst because here it comes. Can anything really ever be this good again? Is it possible? That’s probably where some of my concern with adding to our brood comes from. Is it possible to be more blessed than this? Is it possible that I really could be lucky enough to lead this life?

At the end of the class the teacher goes into a mantra where she mentions things we are grateful for…that we are able to heal our bodies through our breath, that we are capable of putting our body through this workout, the gift of this moment. Om Peace. Om Grace. Om yadda yadda, you get the point. She also mentioned something about how the relaxation and peace we got from this workout had nothing to do with the music (ironic since the music was my inspiration for this blog), nothing to do with the practice, or the teacher. Rather it came from within. So it’s a choice if we are going to carry it with us or not. I’m choosing to.

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