The shit has hit the fan!!!

February 8, 2013

Quite near literally since I’m changing diapers around the clock. Someone call somebody…action must be done. I am alone with three kids!!! Um…yeah, you have three kids. But today starts the first day of literally having three kids by my lonesome. Huh?

Since her retirement and the addition of my third child, I have enlisted my mom as slave labor. She says it’s a labor of love. But who are we kidding, these kids have devilish tendencies at times and there is nothing glamorous about a thirty minute temper tantrum that my mom is now forced to manage. Sometimes I think these three rascals might send her out of retirement.

Anyway, she had the nerve (can you believe it?!?) to take a vacation. I have reminded her that this will NOT be a paid vacation! For the next week, I will be flying solo with the exception of a couple times Adam will save me during his lunch break. So this is it…this is Parenthood 3.0.

I can’t help but feeling that somebody, someone WAY more responsible than me, should swoop in and not allow me to be the sole adult responsible for these little scoundrels. There has to be an adult somewhere because there certainly isn’t one in our household, right?

After lunch today, there was a brief moment (maybe a mini-moment) where Noah was happily relaxing in his bath and Drew and Gabby were playing quietly in the other room. I thought for that mini-moment, I totally have this covered…three kids, no biggie! Then the shit hit the fan, you know how the rest of this goes.

I feel a little like I have been in bootcamp for the past seven weeks of this gig and now is the time I’ve been called into action. I’m going to put on all the armor I can, grab all the ammunition in my artillery, and march into combat with my head held high. Wish me luck!

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