It’s Potty Time!!!!!!!!

February 11, 2013

My title should be changed from Mother to Butt Cleaner. I’m changing diapers like it’s my job. Although it is part of the job responsibilities, I’m not sure it should monopolize my day quite to the level it does. It feels like at times I single handedly support these diaper companies and could pretty much write a thesis on the level of quality across the board.

This all being said, I’m really not a fan of the beginning stages of potty training. When you spend WAY too much time hanging out in a public bathroom because your child hasn’t learned to save those long visits for home. And the thought of Gabby having to sit every time she goes to the bathroom, unlike Drew where we held him up and the toilet would catch his pee, is even less appealing. So probably because of these issues, I haven’t been in the biggest hurry.

I like to think that Drew naturally potty trained himself. Part of it was that he went to full day school, so the teachers, small potties and pressure from the other kids played a part in his training. Also, we didn’t have any other kids so he would hang out on the toilet ALL the time! He started at 18 months and was trained around 3.

Miss Gabby is getting closer to that marker and we haven’t made any more progress with her than we have with Noah. It’s getting increasingly less cute every time she demands a diaper change because she doesn’t want to sit in what she’s created. She has been telling us she will use the potty “shooooon” way past the point of it being soon. It’s time.

Now what exactly am I supposed to do with the fact that she should be potty trained?! I’m asking around, checking online, reading up on suggestions. It’s a whole lotta “this has worked for her,” “that has worked for him.” Now what?!?!? Candy? Presents? Little potties? Seats on big potties? Yikes, this is too much for my sleep deprived head to handle. Not to mention the perpetual question of how do I give my two and a half year old my undivided attention for the weekend while managing two other children, including one that needs my body every two hours?!?!

Is there a baby boot camp you can send your toddler to where they come back potty trained?

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