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February 13, 2013

Each time I get something “back” from my old, post newborn, life, I’m feeling more at ease with this new life. This week I have gone back to my errand world. And as nice as it was to hibernate (and not so nice at times), I’m happy to be able to take care of stuff myself. No more trying to tell loved ones what I need from the store. No more ordering online and not being completely pleased with what I receive. I can take the bull by the horns and do it myself (that is, with two mini people in tow which is less exciting than I had dreamed it to be).

Last week I was cleared for exercise. That’s a big deal for me since the gym was part of my sanity (yes, I did actually have some…then) in my old life, working out makes me feel a tad better when I look at myself in the mirror (c’mon I’m a girl, of course I have body image issues..don’t we all?) and I have some nasty post-baby pounds I’m anxious to shed. But the unfortunate part is that my newest groupie isn’t welcome at the gym until he’s three months old.

You’re probably thinking, no biggie that’s about six weeks away. And anyone with a baby knows how very fast the weeks really do go. Although normal people would be right in thinking all this, insane people sign up for runs when their newborn is a mere three months old…doh! It’s not exactly a marathon but I am signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in approximately six weeks and the only running I have been doing is to the garbage with an atomic bomb of a diaper. Yikes!

Well this seems easy enough, get your fat ass on the treadmill right? I can barely figure out how to fit in a shower, when am I going to jet sans Noah in between his millions of feedings a day to the gym?!? In order to make it to this run, we have enlisted several family members that are pretty much moving the earth for us to get there. How can I put everyone through all of this to not have fun or worse…get a bad time?! So now I not only have to get my ass to the gym but I have to train like my life depends on it. I owe it to these family members to get a half way decent time, right? Why must I complicate absolutely everything for myself?!?

I think I now just discovered why there is a need for 24 hour gyms.

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