October 14, 2011

We have boy overload in our house. I have not been quiet about the obsession with baseball here. Well, fortunately for everyone, we have nicely transitioned to football. It’s sports city here about 90% of the time with a few super heroes thrown in and the occasionally fixer up tool situation. One thing that is definitely lacking is girly time.

To clearly define Gabby as a girl I have embraced several things…

1. Some form of pink should be incorporated into every outfit. As much pink should be thrown into ongoing usable objects as humanly possible. I find no need for her to bum around with even a sippy that is lacking in pink.
2. We have fully embraced accessorization. There is absolutely every need in the world to having bows to accompany every outfit. And she will learn to embrace them being in her hair! There is also a need for multiple shoes in ways that Drew did not, and continues to not, need. And to that fact, Gabby also has a lovely handbag that we practice using around the house.
3. The term Princess must be used whenever an adjective is brought up to describe her. For instance, if Gabby were acting crazy, Crazy Princess might be her nickname for the day. Feel free to practice this tradition in your own homes.
4. Every toy that is purchased strictly for her must be a girl toy. We are preparing everyone ahead of time that any toy that may be perceived as unisex or a boy’s toy will be returned.

Some may find these rules extreme. Clearly those people don’t understand what I’m up against. When Gabby passes anything related to Cubs/White Sox, baseball, football or Bears, she squeals in a way similar to me when I see an amazing pair of shoes. This is wrong. I commissioned her to be my partner in crime, not Drew’s.

Not to mention that even at this point, I find it difficult to play anything that isn’t sports related. How does one engage with a child if you are not running the bases, scoring a touchdown or fighting the bad guys? We need a Pinkalicious intervention over here! And there’s only one superhero up for the job…Super Mom! There may be a pink cape in my future 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pinkalicious

  1. Pink power to my little BFF! I vow from this day forward to only buy her pink toys. I’m jealous, all boys here. sometimes I worry I may become one too! Lol

  2. What’s wrong with sports? It’s funny…me being the tomboy I was growing up, my daughter is SO into pink and make-up and dresses…what do I do? Gabby is cute whether she likes sports or sporting pink!

    • I’m ok with her liking sports as long as she also is a girly girl. She doesn’t get enough exposure to girly stuff so I’m trying to make sure she gets plenty of both 🙂

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