Future Hall of Famer!

June 29, 2012

Earlier I blogged about how Drew took a generic sports class and his teacher told me that he was really exceptional at basketball for his age. I was so proud of him and happy for him because he has such a passion for sports.

We have recently started a new chapter in his life. The world of organized league sports. And for some of the kids, it seems like their parents have encouraged them to do this for a variety of reasons. Some because the parent loves baseball and wants their son to also. Some because the child has a lot of energy and t-ball seems like a good place to channel it. Others because their son likes baseball. We, clearly, fall into category three.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in the beginning. They are all four year olds and focusing eight four year olds (even on the most important thing in the world to them) can be quite a task. I was getting flashbacks of two year old soccer where a bunch of rambunctious boys ran around aimlessly and the parents were exhausted in trying to focus them. This was not the case for Drew’s team.

First of all, Drew practically signed himself up for t-ball. The begging, pleading and count down for t-ball was like we were taking him to Disney World. Perhaps this may have been the case with some of Drew’s team members too? Second of all, out of guilt Adam volunteered to be the “assistant coach,” which somehow ended up nominating him for head manager. And not that I thought my husband would take this role lightly…but he has conquered this role, the drills necessary, organizing the parents and managing the kids with a gusto that I’m not sure I knew he had! Third of all, at this point Drew seems to run the team (which is not a shocker at all). Most of the other kids are timid and quiet…not my boy!

Drew hogs the coaches attention, hits harder, throws farther and runs faster than anyone. He’s the only one who comes to the game as if it were a professional baseball team (which may be attributed to the fact that he’s the only four year old who has been to four million professional baseball games and sat through every second of them all). He has never been more in his glory than he is on that baseball diamond.

I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m ecstatic because he is. The zest he has for his uniform is adorable, the enthusiasm he has for the sport is contagious, and the fact that I can be included in his obsession with baseball by being his biggest cheerleader is so great! I’m just so proud of my little guy and his passion for this sport.

He may be crazy, he may be nutty, and he definitely is obsessive but he’s all mine and he’s a mighty fine t-ball player. If only I could get him to talk a little less smack…

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