A Teacher’s Two Cents

September 20, 2011

As a teacher, I am asked for a ton of childrearing/teaching advice. I give it too. Strategies to increase math calculation skills? Check. Potty training? Check. But I always admit I am not a mom. While I can dispense the “perfect” advice, I have yet to be able to implement it.

But I do have one piece of advice that I hope…no… for sure will (try to) keep. Yes, just one. And while I cannot promise your child will be perfectly behaved, or succeed academically, or make tons of friends by doing it, I do believe in my heart that it will mean the world to you and your children.

Read to your children every night, as long as they will let you.

It’s educational. Obviously. Yes, even to your baby. Pre-literacy skills start early on. Yep, even if you read “No, David!” to your 4 year old 20 nights in a row. Yes, even if your kids can read and they want you to read aloud to them. Plus, its homework. Required homework, in most cases.

You can teach your child anything from a book. Is your toddler curious about dump trucks? Your daughter wanting to know all about Martin Luther King, Jr? Get a book. Way more interesting than anything you can make up. Plus, there are pictures too. There is a book can handle any problem you are dealt with. Potty training. Bullies. The first day of school. Monsters under the bed.

Most of all, the time you have to bond with your child, snuggled in bed, before their eyes close for the night will be time you both treasure. This is the time that your otherwise fiercely independent child will let you snuggle. And let you in close. A book can spurn conversations that you might not otherwise have.

So read to your kid. And if they ask you to read “No, David,” just one more time…do it. Or just set the clocks an hour ahead and tell them its way past their bedtime. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Two Cents

  1. Great advise. You should also include the benefit to moms & dads. I have ,through the years, come into contact with people who never read, stay glued to tv and do not realize the joy of a good book. If teachers and parents develop a love of reading to their children: they will have given them a large step to a better education as well as opening the world to them by way of reading. Your article outlines those benefits in a wonderful way. congratulations and keep those thoughts going

  2. I agree fellow teacher. As an English teacher, I hope I can add to this….you don’t always have to read the words. Ask your little ones what is going on in the picture. Have them name shapes, colors, animals, etc. in the picture. The more they talk and “read” back to you, the better future reader and writer they will be!!! Nice blogging Rachel!

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