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September 8, 2011

Fall marks the beginning of football season (big for my guest blogger’s family, read about that here), pumpkin season (bring on Halloween) and back to school time. For Drew, yesterday marked his first day of three year old preschool.

As you may have read here, I have been nervous about this big day. Drew has been going to this school for the last year for full day care and camp, but there was something different about three year old preschool. It was almost like we were starting from scratch.

In efforts to get him excited for this big day, we decorated his box for his extra clothes.

Drew got a new stylish backpack.

We laid out his outfit, did a test run of the backpack and practiced the send off ahead of time. All in all, he seemed pretty ready for the big day.

When he woke up morning of, he said school was scary and he didn’t want to go. I feared that this was just the beginning of a really rough day. However, as soon as we started getting dressed and all prepped for school like we had planned, he got totally into it!

When we arrived at school, Drew walked in with his head held high. He hugged and kissed me and off he went to his first day as a preschooler.

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