Football, not just a game, but a lifestyle!

September 6, 2011

Hi, my name is Heather. I am a part time employee, but mostly a stay at home mom of 2 boys. Tyler 8 ½(and yes the half is important), and Logan 3. Football runs through our blood at this house. (And yes the colors are green and gold) Honestly, before I met my Husband, I didn’t know much about the sport. But he loved it. So we would go EVERY Sunday to Champps, to watch not one but all of the games. He took time to explain everything to me, and before I knew it I was in love – not only with Jason, but football too!

After we got married and had Tyler, Sundays were not at Champps anymore. They were at our house filled with family, friends and plenty of food, and of course football. Commercial time, our living room turns into a field itself. Time to practice throwing, catching and tackling. Lots of moms would probably yell or walk into another room, not being able to handle if something broke (furniture or bones). But for the most part I just grin and bear it. The laughs and excitement make it all o.k.

When Tyler was 5, we asked if he wanted to join flag football. He was so excited that he was finally old enough to play on a team! So we signed him up and looked at the website to see what kind of equipment he needed. Not much – a cup, mouth piece, cleats and a water bottle. Also it says this is a volunteer organization and runs on the help of parents. So naturally Jason signs up to be a coach and I will be the team mom. This will be easy and fun; it’s just flag football, right? ENTER LIFESTYLE.

I will never forget that first night of practice. We walk up to about, literally 200 players and their families all in a huddle! Where do we go, who we talk to, what did we get ourselves into?!?! The football Commissioner stands forward and starts talking about how we are going to have a great season and everyone starts chanting GO VIKINGS! GO VIKINGS! It was very overwhelming. We break into groups, Jason gets thrown right into practice drills with the players, and I meet with other team moms to start planning the season. I’m thinking wait a second, what really needs to be planned?

We have practices every day till school starts and then on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are 9 games, one each Saturday morning and we have 6 teams, O.k. done. Not really…there’s snack and concession schedules, homecoming weekend, a parade, end of year party. I seriously could go on and on. I’m like these people are crazy, I mean I LOVE football, but come on, these kids are only 5-7 years old and it is only flag.

Well that was 4 years ago, and now I am one of those crazy people. I have 3 years under my belt as a team mom (parents actually call me now with all the questions and comments). My husband is the Head Coach now (and board member), and we have made it to TACKLE. BY now our family and close friends know, once we get into August you probably won’t see us till November! No joke, I’m literally writing this in between, sorting thousands of pieces of candy into bags for the players to throw in the parade this weekend and football practice starts in an hour! Some people may say, “it’s just football,” or “you’re going overboard.” But every Saturday, my son gets pumped up for what he thinks is the biggest day in his life. What parent doesn’t want to be there helping make that day possible and being their biggest cheerleader?

Last Friday I was in line behind a lady that had 12 bunches of bananas in her cart. Logan says to her “wow that’s a lot of bananas!” and she laughs and responds “I know! My son has a high school football game tonight and I have to get a half time snack.” I got excited and thought in about 6 years that’s going to be me. My name is Heather… and I am a Football Mom.

5 thoughts on “Football, not just a game, but a lifestyle!

  1. Heather , I think this is wonderful and awesome all at the same time.. it is Great how we become so involved with our kids and their sports.. give the boys hugs from all of us.. COOL blog…

  2. Heather, I am very impressed with this can’t wait to hear more. Love Auntie Mickey. Tell Ty good luck at the next game.

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