Greetings from a Great-Grandfather

August 16, 2011

When I was called upon to write a blog, the subject matter was the most difficult chore. I would have no trouble giving my views on politics or the state of the environment or maybe even sports. To do any of these might be a good ego boost. After all, don’t most of us think our opinions are right on?
But the sad truth is who, other than perhaps our family, would have even the slightest interest in such a blog?! But as I sit here and write my tale of frustration, the subject just revealed itself.

Sure most people, when talking about family, want to make their families shine and good for them. I, on the other hand want to be truthful and record their failures as well as their successes. Only then can I be satisfied that I have properly covered the true nature of my family. Of course I can only reveal them as I see them in my eyes. So the reader must understand that I am the most logical person to assess them. I am certain, dear reader, that knowing this will make you comfortable in knowing that they are being revealed in the true sense and not some fictional narrative. So here goes…

My family ( including Betty and me and our progeny) number 13.
I will list us in order of age:
Carl Unger the eldest
Betty Unger much, much younger, while not the youngest Unger, sheiis indeed the younger Unger
Jacki Unger who is the oldest Unger of the younger Ungers and Steve Berkowitz who is Jacki,the oldest Unger of the younger ungers, husband
Heli Wiener who is the daughter of Jacki, the older Unger of the younger Ungers
She is also the step daughter of Steve Berkowitz husband of the elder younger. Her contribution to the family genealogy will appear later in this enlightening saga.
Linda Unger who is the younger Unger , the sister of the older Unger, Jacki
Jeffery Blumenthal who is the husband of the younger Unger
Then come the sons of Jeffery, the father and Linda, the mother and the younger Unger
Next comes David, the oldest of my daughter , the younger Unger & Jeffery Blumenthal
2nd is Daniel, the younger, but not the youngest Blumenthal
3rd is Ethan , indeed the youngest Blumenthal. All three are the grandsons of me, the oldest Unger and Betty the younger of the oldest Ungers
Earlier, I explained the standing in the order of Heli Wiener, daughter of the older Unger of the younger Ungers
and stepdaughter of Steve, husband of Jacki, the older daughter of the younger Ungers
Adam Wiener, husband of the older daughters mother Jacki, the older daughter of the younger Ungers
Heli Unger Wiener and Adam Wiener are the parents of two children, who are the great grandchildren of the oldest Unger and the younger of the older Ungers and
Drew, the older of the younger Wieners and grandson of Jacki Unger the older of the younger Ungers and Gabby the younger of the Wieners, step grandsons of steve the husband of the older Unger of the younger Ungers.

Now that you, dear reader, understand the family tree I will, as promised, give you an unbiased review of their accomplishments. Jacki Unger and Linda Unger the younger Ungers have done very well in law and business. The child of Jacki, the older Unger of the younger Ungers has decided to give up her very good job so she can be a stay at home mother. I am very proud of her for forgoing the extra compensation so she can be home to raise her children. David,oldest son of the younger Unger is in 3rd year of medical school. Daniel, younger brother of David and son of the younger Unger of the younger Ungers, recently graduated from Northwestern U. Ethan, youngest brother and son of the younger Unger is in college at Oberlin U where he has a partial scholarship to play baseball. I am obviously very proud of all of them.

Now to the negative side *^#@darn trouble with this computer. We will catch up next time.

One thought on “Greetings from a Great-Grandfather

  1. Fantastic!
    Who said Aging Is A Full Time Job? Well, you are proof that it pays to continue working on aging with a sense of humor and a lifetime of intelligent problem solving.
    I’m not sure where I fit in since I’m the Niece of the Elder Carl, from his elder sister Helen. Or something like that–it gives me brain drain just to try to figure it out.
    Keep up the family tradition of Writing Is Healing!
    Love and Kisses,

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