Adam’s Spell

August 27, 2011

In my efforts to be fun, especially during this three week hiatus of school and camp, I’m trying to keep us jam packed with fun activities. We have pretty much run all over town and are busy having a blast. Throughout it all though, Drew yearns for his dad. Periodically during the day he will ask about him, whine that he wants him or cry because he needs him.

I’m thrilled that they have a good relationship. I couldn’t be happier that Drew has someone that provides him with such comfort. But…would it hurt for him to like me and want me?!? And I already hear Adam lecturing me about being too sensitive and that Drew really does love me. I KNOW he loves me but he does not prefer me.

And when I say he does not prefer me, it’s not in that passive aggressive please give me reassurance sorta way. He just doesn’t. I’m sure I’ve blogged about this, mentioned this or griped about it before but it’s just hard to always be in second place.

I’m taking him to cool places, I’m working on mission fun, I’m caring for his every need and I still hear all day long how he wants his dad. I know it was hard for him when I had Gabby. Adam pretty much was permanently on “Drew Duty.” But even before that, Drew gravitated toward Adam. So many people told me that ultimately boys end up closer with their moms and girls their dads. I don’t buy it.

Drew is a boy’s boy through and through. On top of everything Drew’s dad, my husband, is the most nurturing man that ever existed. So it’s not even one of those things where Drew wants his dad for fun stuff but when he’s sick or hurts himself he wants me. He wants Adam. After all, I want Adam in those circumstances too. I get it. It’s just hard.

I’ve been holding out hope for Gabby. Now she’s my little girl, she’s going to prefer me. Wrong. She definitely likes me, just like Drew, but she falls victim to Adam’s spell. What can I say, I married the best! The problem is that I’m too competitive to take second place sitting down.

So as mission fun continues to rage on and this break is jam packed with activities galore, I’m trying to persuade my children that I am so much fun…the most fun. But every night Adam undoes all my work by being even more fun! When will he learn to dial it back. Stop being fun so I can be the number one parent. Is that too much to ask?!?!

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