Embracing Fun

August 26, 2011

Somehow I managed to miss the memo where all fun summer activities are no longer available during the week once the big kids go back to school. Did someone not tell them that we have three weeks with no school or camp and two weeks while the big kids are back at school?!?

Today we had a playdate with two other kids and two other mothers. With several failed outings we ended up back at our house. And although it’s always more fun to play with our toys with other people, we didn’t miss this opportunity to terrorize the play room.

For one, it was good timing since I have been busy embracing mission fun. I wasn’t about to start dictating which toys were allowed to be taken out. As a result, the play room ended up looking like this…

Explain to me the thrill of dumping out the toys and not actually playing with them. Looking at the state of affairs, one would think that the kitchen got a lot of play time.

One would be sadly mistaken, because the draw of the kitchen was mostly dumping everything out or putting pretend food in a variety of different mouths. And although our visitors took to that activity like born naturals, it was really Drew and Gabby that mastered that method of cooking.

And even though Drew was a main contributor of the disaster that once was our play room, he did have assistance. They were all clearly happy that Drew’s mom is practicing the art of fun.

In the midst of the cook-off, the remodel of the house with a variety of tools, and the marching band, Gabby decided to sleep through the vast majority. Not even making it out of her car seat from failed mission for activity #2.

And for those of you that have read the Car Seat Debacle of 2011, you will note that I still have yet to switch Gabby out of her infant carrier car seat. Mother of the year is too busy embracing fun to be worried about details of car safety…sorry!

So all in all, it was a successful playdate despite the lack of activities. Kids still had fun, so all is well. Unfortunately it means that I have to spend naptime cleaning up…have I learned nothing from my recent discipline post! What can I say, I’m too busy being fun 🙂

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