And the winner is… (by Mara Unterberger)

July 22, 2013

I have had quite the long history with my boobs. I can remember from a young age wanting to hide them because I bloomed early. When my mom first encouraged me to wear a bra I insisted on only wearing sports bras because I felt that they weren’t really bras. Once I realized what control my boobs had over men my perception of them changed. I remember wearing my first push-up bra and low cut shirt. I was a junior in college and my next door neighbors encouraged me to flaunt my assets. One of the girls lent me her push-up bra and a low cut shirt. The first night I wore it I felt that more guys noticed me and never wanted to wear a “regular bra” again. I spent the next 10 or so years thinking that my boobs were my best asset and that if I showed them in a low cut shirt that more guys would like me. I would only wear push-up bras and the lower the neckline the better. I was a heavy girl and always thought that my boobs were the only good thing about me. It was only once I lost weight and turned 30 that I realized I had much more to offer than a set of D’s. Currently I know that my boobs still hold all the power, especially over men, but I don’t think of them as my best asset. I also know that my boyfriend doesn’t think of my boobs as my best asset. He is interested in me for many reasons and my boobs don’t even register on the list.

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