Ode to you, jerk face

January 21, 2015

Ode to that lovely person who pointed out that my tantruming daughter on the outdoor picnic bench was bothering HIS breakfast. To THAT I say, I can’t remember a meal where I wasn’t disturbed by a tantruming child. Try living with me.


Ode to that lovely person who gave me that terrible stink eye when my daughter had (yet another) tantrum about me carrying her out of the mall to the car. If you think that meltdown was bad, you should have seen when she darted in front of the bus. I’ll take cries to dangers any day of the week.


Ode to that lovely person who explained to her companion that she “doesn’t hate children per se” as we were sitting down in front of her on the airplane. Luckily for her that was the half of the trip where the adult to child ratio was equal. If she had flown that same flight six days later, she would have had the opportunity to experience a one adult to three children ratio that would have changed her statement to “I hate children” period.

IMG_5319 (1)

To any other crabby people I passed along the six days I was away with my parents and three children (without my wonderful husband), I am sincerely sorry. I am sorry my kids spend too much of the time as wild maniacs. I am sorry that too often I have absolutely no control of them. I am sorry if it seems like I am not trying to remedy these situations from your outsider viewpoint. I wish my children were appropriately quiet when it is necessary. I wish my children were always responsive to my direction. As much as I wish and try, I seem to be failing. At this point they may grow up to be psychotic murders or Nobel peace prize winners…its a complete crapshoot. All I can say is that I’m doing the best I can. I dare you to try and conquer them, double dog dare you 🙂



One thought on “Ode to you, jerk face

  1. For all the non-empathetic idiots out there, there are thousands of us who feel your pain and know you are doing your best. You are a good mom!

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