Worth It?

May 12, 2014

I had a great Mother’s Day. Was it because my children abstained from temper tantrums? Absolutely not. Was it because my children didn’t fight once? Certainly not. Was it because the day was void of responsibility? Impossible. It was because I had realistic expectations.

Last year I practically had my own temper tantrum. On a day dedicated to mothers, how was it possible for my kids to continue to drive me crazy and keep up with their normal shenanigans?!? Doesn’t an exhausted mother of three DESERVE to have a day where she is able to ENJOY her children without the constant struggle?!?! Why couldn’t my selfish, self-absorbed children put their normal craziness aside for one stinking day so I could have it easy???? Clearly I was delusional. Somehow I expected my babies, and they really are still babies, to act like mature, rational adults.


This year I set out with the attitude that Mother’s Day is just a normal day. I braced myself for temper tantrums, squabbles and shenanigans. The day most certainly was not without those things but because I expected everyone to behave like themselves, I wasn’t let down. The only person to cut me a break was my husband who came out with his best probably because he was fearful of his wife having a repeat temper tantrum (from last year’s disappointment over Mother’s Day).

The bottom line is that my kids are amazing, but they have their issues like all children. To expect them to have the maturity to behave themselves because it is technically MY day, is convoluted. It’s never gonna happen. Someday between where they are now and where I am, they will get all the hard work and love I give them. I certainly recognize that in my own mom. And when that day comes, I will remind them (much like my own mother does) that they were NEVER easy but always worth it 🙂

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