Calendar Overload

October 14, 2013

My kids have busier social lives than I do. Between play dates, birthday parties and activity overload, they are constantly on the go. The time we have for free play or family fun is few and far between.

I spend most of my time as Drew’s social coordinator. Planning the play dates coming here, picking him up at the play dates he goes to, shopping for presents for his many parties and then carting him off to the parties. He swims, has golf lessons, does soccer, is starting up basketball which will hopefully end long before t-ball starts. And as much as it overwhelms me, it keeps him busy and makes him happy. Can I complain?

Gabby takes Princess Ballet very seriously, but she also has a love for gymnastics and dabbles in some swimming. You’ll notice she has a lighter schedule. I attribute it partly to second child syndrome. It’s much more challenging setting up her activities because they can’t conflict with our social butterfly. Plus, she’s new to the preschool scene and just starting to stack up on the birthday party front. Play dates are making their way into her repertoire now too.

Noah doesn’t stand a chance. Our weekends are already full of sporting games, birthday parties and family obligations. The poor kid isn’t going to get an extracurricular activity until he can drive himself there. I’m going to drop him off for a play date at the tender age of one if someone wants to engage with him because I don’t have time to come along for a lovely “mommy and me” play date. That’s just what it is.

And these pics on Facebook of people spending their weekends at the zoo, children’s museums, etc. etc. cannot be real. How do these people find time in their crazy lives for all these fun family outings. Sitting down for a meal together on the weekend is a rare opportunity for us all, let alone a picture worthy gallivant!

The question begs…are our children too over-scheduled? Um, yes! But are we doing a disservice to them by keeping them over-scheduled? It’s not like I’m begging Drew to do soccer or dragging Gabby to gymnastics. Certainly they could have less play dates but they ask to play with their friends. Should I say no to birthday parties? Even when they want to go? How do I slow us down? Or should I?

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