Camp – the continual saga

October 16, 2013

It’s October, no better time to start talking about camp! Wait, huh?????

I’m no freshmen here. I’ve had a couple rounds of the insanity in talking about June plans in October. But it never ceases to catch me a little off guard. I virtually can’t see past December. I don’t know if we are doing ballet/jazz or hip hop come January, let alone the game plan for where that lovely chunk of change is supposed to go so that everyone is at their happiest during those summer months.

Back in the day people spend this much time (and money) considering college options – institutions that would propel their future. We’re talking summer camp people!!!!

What happened to the days of turning on a sprinkler that kept all the neighbor kids busy for the whole day. I mean I never grew up like that but I definitely saw stuff like that on TV.

In my mind our summer days are spent at the beach making memories. In realty an outing of that nature would require three extra bodies. One per child and one photographer to document these moments for us. So clearly that’s not our Monday thru Friday summer game plan.

I love camp. I’m totally a camp person. Not in that “camp was my life” sort of way but I value camp nonetheless. So that’s not my hold up here. It’s mostly that it’s October and I feel pressure to have my life figured out now for something so far away! I’m too deep in the trenches of this new school year to see out.

So my kids may not go to “the” camp or even be in “the” group but it’s because I can’t think about it right now. Fair?

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