Lowdown on Jockey

July 19, 2013

Speaking of BOOBS (how is it ever appropriate that I start a blog this way?!?!), Wednesday night I went on my Jockey (#jockeybra) excursion. Previous to Jockey (#jockeybra) contacting me, I thought of Jockey as an undershirt store that was at outlet malls. So why would they contact me?!?!

Jockey (#jockeybra) is launching this new bra system. If you are interested in reading about it, click here. And although they gave me some incentives to try it all out, I do not work for them and am not going to regurgitate their marketing pitches. I’m just gonna tell you what my experience.

I had the chance to go to the store…

It was all about BRAS!!! It was almost as if someone had clued them into the fact that I just stopped nursing and perhaps needed some extra assistance in those particular nether-regions. Or maybe they just understand that women, like us mamas, have changing bodies that don’t always fit in the basic mold that we are forced into.

If you were thinking this was the size that “custom fit” me, think again 🙁

The craziest thing about the whole experience is that there is actually someone who helps you and is your dedicated salesperson!!! Huh?!?! Customer service, what’s that? I think that’s something my grandparents talk about from the olden days!!! Not with Jockey (#jockeybra).

And then I got to choose one of these…

Now you know what’s UNDER my shirt!!!

As someone who LOVES Victoria’s Secret, I felt I would be a tough sale. But honestly, I love my new bra(s)…yeah, I had to buy another one! It has a great feel, makes me look like I actually have boobs (did I really just say that?!) and gives nice support.

Are you curious what I’m talking about??? Comment me back or email me mommystwocents at gmail dot com, why oh why do you love your boobies??????? I’m giving away four free fittings and bras to the best answers (#jockeybra).

The whole experience was AMAZING and so much fun!!! Thanks Jockey (#jockeybra)

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