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February 6, 2013

At times, when reviewing products, I think it may be hard for viewers to take you completely seriously. It’s no secret that I’ve been given these goods for free or at a very STEEP discount so that I can try it out and tell you all what I think of it. And with most things I am pretty honest since I don’t want you to be swayed if it’s something bad. However, you also don’t want to rip a part some company that just gave you something to try. It’s a thin line.

With this product in particular, a photo book, I was a little nervous. As parents, people getting married, college students (whatever you are), we frequently make photo books to capture our digital moments. Well…real moments, digital pictures. If I didn’t say how it really is, you could potentially trust your memories to a photo book that you didn’t love. And I would be to blame…uh oh!

So when I was propositioned by Printerpix to review their photo book, I was concerned. I was really going to have to tell you guys how it is, for better or worse. The best news of all is that I LOVE my book. I have done so many different books – Shutterfly, Walgreens, Kodak, etc. I will honestly say that the quality of Printerpix is above the rest. I made an expensive, leather-bound book so it could have been very risky if it were my dollars on the line. But the pages are super thick, the quality of the photos is really sharp and the leather is nicer than an expensive book from Barnes and Nobles. My only complaint is that you cannot put a cover photo on the leather-bound book. Considering the quality though, I think it’s well worth giving that up. It’s a great book for a gift because it’s a lot nicer than some of the others.

And the best news of all is that Printerpix is giving my readers a 20% off discount so you can try it too! Use TWOCENTS as the coupon code and you will receive 20% until 3/31/13!!!

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