My Boobs are All Mine!

July 18, 2013

After a crazy roller coaster of feelings, I’m just about done nursing Noah. In some ways I feel like celebrating, bring on the champagne!!! In other ways I feel like folding up into the fetal position and bawling.

I have waited for 38 weeks of pregnancy and almost seven months with the baby to have my body back. I have played incubator, 24 hour a day vending machine to this mooch (and the mooches before him) long enough. If I want to eat sushi followed up with a large dose of pepto bismol washed down with vodka hold the rocks, I can and rightfully deserve to if I say so myself!!!

But this is my last baby, sniffle sniffle. Although I have spent the greater part of three infancies bitching and moaning over what a nuisance nursing is, I’m so glad I was able to do it and did it. It’s such an unbelievable thing to be able to feed this being from the same body that carried it. And as much as this baby, in particular, tried my patience in this arena, I feel success that I was able to last this long (even if it means surrendering earlier than I had wanted).

I’m mostly sad for closing this chapter in my life. Noah started cereal, is close to sitting up and is inching like he’d like to crawl (yikes). I love having a full nights sleep but my baby is no longer a newborn. I will never again have a newborn. As turbulent a time in your life as those first few months are, they are so unbelievably special. Instead I’ll just have to bask in the upcoming adventures like the first time he tells me he hates me. Ah, the joys of parenthood 🙂

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