The Voyage

April 1, 2013

I’m fermished. Fermished is Yiddish for mixed up or messed up, otherwise known as scattered. I keep talking about this redefined normal, also known as my life. It’s kinda like after you get married and you forget to change your name with everything. So all of a sudden you go to do something and it’s messed up because they have your old name.

Over the weekend the weather was beautiful. It was a perfect opportunity for a family jaunt. Family redefined, remember? Jaunt? Jaunt refers to a quick little getaway. Nothing is quick, nothing is little and a getaway might as well be a voyage with this crazy brood.

We need the Bugaboo single stroller, right? Drew will ride his bike. Wait Gabby wants to ride her bike. We’ll get there next Thursday if Gabby takes her bike, back to the Bugaboo. What about Noah? (Story of his life) Let’s take the double Bob so they both can ride. That’s too loose for Noah. How about the double Maclaren? Same thing, more bumpy. It’s probably like I’m speaking foreign tongue at this point. After putting each child in a variety of different contraptions with wheels, switching, switching again, we made our way.

Last week I felt like we were getting in a groove with spring break and successfully managing trips to the gym. I wouldn’t dare say we are going backwards, rather each new thing (such as a mere family outing to the local park) becomes a new hurdle to tackle.

It’s no surprise that having an extra human being in the mix causes change for everyone. But at first babies, as much as they cause sleep deprivation and need constant feedings, are pretty low maintenance in the scheme of things. You fasten them in that car seat and they almost become your extra luggage.

As life evolves and you are less in that vacuum of “I have a new baby” and more in the world you once knew, you have to find new ways to tackle old concepts. As Noah grows and changes, each of the things that I may have gotten better at, may also have to change with his growing needs. Throw in some changes with Gabby and Drew too and we’re never making it to the park again!

I’m just going to have to keep trying. And the next time we try to take a family jaunt, I have to accept that we may be no different than this last never-ending voyage. I will have learned from this one though that next time I am most definitely not taking that stinking Baby Bjorn because he is MUCH heavier than those days of him being in the inside.

One thought on “The Voyage

  1. Ha Ha – thanks for making me laugh out loud with that last paragraph. I remember using that Baby Bjorn sling too, and what seems like a good idea to an expectant mother turns out to be painful in execution. I think I used it once!

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