We took a nonstop flight

March 28, 2013

Some people take their kids on lavish vacations. Not I. I take my kids to Lifetime Fitness Club.

Although we are certainly not soaking up any rays, I’d venture to say that they seem to be incredibly content. The thrill of pressing the elevator button seems to excite them each and every day. And if a temper tantrum/crying upon mere suggestion of departure is any indication of a good time, they are having a blast!

That’s the interesting thing about kids, though. They are not so complicated. Sure, they get insanely upset if you don’t present them with the right snack. Sure, they have strong opinions about what they wear. But all in all, it’s us adults that require the lavish vacation. I’ve never heard a kid say that Disney would have been better if they stayed at a nicer hotel.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of a getaway sounds lovely. But at this juncture in my life, the thought of packing up this crew, battling travel arrangements, sleeping away from home and a lapse in our routine is about the last thing I’d like to do. Coincidentally, Drew and Gabby may even be having a better break because their mother is oddly more relaxed after perpetual uninterrupted time at the gym. It’s really a win/win for everyone.

Maybe it is slightly unfair considering there has not been a single play date scheduled, outing to a child filled location or any stops to a single place that doesn’t have a treadmill. In this week, however, I have become far more comfortable managing the three of them at Lifetime Fitness. This may sound like a ridiculously small feat but prior to this week I was spent after just getting them into the car to drop them off at their variety of activities. We have come so far.

If you are thinking that staying home has allowed us the opportunity to save some cash since we aren’t shelling out for a vaca, think again. The amount of money spent at Lifetime Cafe on snacks that were necessary to get my monsters out of that kids club is a small fortune. Not to mention that they now think each and every time they can go balls to walls on the snack options there. Doh!

This week is almost over and I have to honestly say it has been great. I have been able to get us out and going every day with an activity that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to (I’m SO clearly not ready for an outing to anywhere even remotely more fun than LT). I have had “me” time every day in a week of no structured activity. Success for all.

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