Uniform Up!

February 1, 2013

Over the years I have worn a variety of different uniforms to meet the needs of the variety of jobs I have had. From my red polo shirt with jeans and an apron as a Chili’s waitress to my fancy suits as a pharmaceutical rep, I have always dressed my part. Recently I may have overdone this.

Yesterday while adorning jeans, Gabby reprimanded me for not being in “comfy” pants and proceeded to go into my closet, pull out a pair from my drawer and scold me to change. I may have taken my role as a stay at home mom wearing my yoga pants a little far because my two and a half year old now believes this to be my uniform.

Out of exhaustion, there have been days where my mom has shlepped my older children to their variety of activities to allow me time to rest with my newborn. Recently though, I have been switching roles and allowing my mom to stay home with Noah so I can resume my normal role as Master Shlepper. In doing so, I have rediscovered my out of the house apparel (clothes such as jeans).

As hard as it may be to set my alarm after only receiving a few hours of sleep, showering while having a screaming infant and participating in the weekly hustle and bustle, I have realized that it’s better for my mood to do so. I am much better off interacting with other human beings than being couped up at home all the time.

A little makeup and pants that button seem to do wonders for my mental state. Hopefully the next time that Gabby insists I put on my Lululemon uniform will be for the gym after my six week sign off next week from the doc. And then maybe I’ll go back to being a nice person to be around.

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