Laid up

December 13, 2012

When the kids were in full day daycare, they were getting sick all the time. And as stressful as it was managing a sick child, figuring out who would watch them and shuffling around one’s work schedule to accomodate, there was something exciting about having an unscheduled day to stay home and take care of them. Since I “retired,” our trips to the doctor’s office have been far less frequent. Drew is older and able to fight off some of these germs better and Gabby isn’t as exposed as she once was.

Yesterday Gabby had a bad bark so I decided to take her to the doctor. I was surprised to find out she had an ear infection since other than her cough she was symptom free. Since then the cold symptoms have washed over her. And I’m reminded about the sadness of having a little sick person, coupled with the difficulties having a sick child bring.

When they were both in full day daycare, I would send the healthy one to school and exclusively mange the sick one. Now, however, the sick one must be lugged around to drop off and pick up in ways they were excused before.

Gabby on the way to Drew’s school…

During Drew’s 2.5 hour school time…

Gabby on the way to pick Drew up…

I’m so very blessed that I have this opportunity to stay home with them each and every day even if it sometimes throws a monkey wrench in my routine. I’m equally blessed that I have developed a network of moms that are willing and able to help me at a moments notice to get my son in and out of the building 🙂

I’m sure this whole scenario will be far easier once I have a third to juggle too, right?!?!

4 thoughts on “Laid up

  1. Poor baby. Are you sure she wants to come here today? She looks like she wants to sleep all day. 🙂

  2. Poor Gab! Caelen spontaneously developed a “leaky” nose – right as we are about to hop a plane tomorrow, to visit her great-grandfather who has congestive heart failure…

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