December 11, 2012

Generally I’m a very decisive person. Plus, I’m totally a planner. Those two together usually mean that my mind is made up long before I even need to have my mind made up. It feels like months since I blogged about “What’s in a Name?” I’d like to say the progress has been great since that blog…but I’d be lying.

Since I have this constant feeling that I’m about to burst (go into labor), I’m in full blown preparation mode. Toys and clothes are being constantly cleaned, bags are packed (more or less) and kids “baby activities” (things for the kids to do while the baby is occupying my time) are purchased. I’m essentially good to go any day now. Yet I have this constant feeling of being ill prepared haunting me.

And the truth is that no matter how prepared you are, you are never really prepared. When I had Drew, I really had no baby things. We weren’t having the furniture delivered until after the baby was born. I didn’t buy anything ahead of time. We got a few key essentials (car seat, pack-n-play, some hand me down clothes, etc) but that was it. Although this is a common Jewish custom (or crazy neurosis) not to buy things ahead of time, it was more out of respect to my mother and grandmother that were very concerned that I uphold this tradition. It drove me crazy and made me feel so unprepared for the baby.

Second time around it was great to know that I had things for the baby when she came home. I had Drew’s furniture, swings, seats and toys all lined up for her. The concept of managing two children was so overwhelming for me that all the Dreft washed clothes in the world could not help me feel prepared for bringing this one home.

This time around I feel completely at ease over the goods necessary to care for the baby. If we don’t have the perfect cotton swab (things I definitely obsessed over when pregnant with my first), we’ll go to the store. Balancing a new baby with two others, is without a doubt going to feel impossible first and I’m sure we will never punctual again (things I obsessed over with my second).

This time around, the final book to bringing home a new baby in our trilogy of bringing home babies, my concerns seem to be completely different. What is largely keeping me up at night is WHAT THE HECK AM I GONNA CALL THE BABY?!?! “Hey you” is not gonna cut it when I have two others that also respond to that. I can’t even settle with Baby Boy since I’m not even sure that’s what this little creature is! I guess I’ll just have to settle with Fetus for right now and maybe it can graduate to Baby or we’ll just keep with its nickname of “Tres.”

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