Thank Goodness!

September 11, 2012

Maybe you can tell because I’ve hinted to it, I’ve danced around it or I’ve indirectly said it but my mom is AMAZING! She’s not amazing in that everyone has an amazing mom sorta way, she’s amazing because of so many things words really couldn’t properly ever grasp it so I’m not going to waste your time with a laundry list.

One thing that is absolutely consistent with my mom is that she is endlessly devoted to me and always does everything in her power to be there for me. And although this example is something so much more than the benefit that I will directly incur, my mom is retiring!!!!!! There are tons of reasons that this is a great move for her personally and professionally but let’s not lose focus on the most important thing – me! Can you tell I’m an only child?!?

In the winter I will embark on the craziness that comes with being a parent to three children under the age of five. Most normal people, and especially me, need help! How can any person really juggle three kids with such different needs all by themselves?? Not to mention that having one child with my mom in tow would be helpful, more enjoyable and overall great in general. Having three kids that need to be shlepped a variety of different places, separate nap times and interested in alternate activities, will be significantly easier with my endlessly helpful mom.

In some ways I feel like this only confirms my decision to become a stay at home mom. Having the opportunity to hang out with my mom, raise my kids with my mom helping and getting free labor is something that makes my job a teeny tiny bit easier. I already booked her up several days of the week 🙂

Now I do recognize that my mom retiring has benefits for her that extend outside of my own selfishness. She has busted her butt her whole life. She has worked like a dog to give me a great life and is owed some time to herself. I know she has travel plans, interests and activities ahead. But I also know that she is greatly looking forward to spending more time with her only child and grandchildren. And to that, I say thank goodness!!!

Maybe the message of this blog is that be careful to offer a helping hand my way because I may take over your life. Or maybe the message should be that I’m so very grateful that once again my mom comes swooping in to help me in ways I could never properly repair or show gratitude. Anyway it comes across, I am so excited and had to share with my blogging readers!!!!

Happy Retirement Mom!

4 thoughts on “Thank Goodness!

  1. Great post…I feel the same about my mom but never seem to find the right words to put my thoughts on paper..or on my blog! You might just have inspired me to do so!! As for 3 kids…I don’t know how you do it! I’m due in 3 months with my second and I’m freaking out!!!! Lo!

    • Well I’m not dealing with three yet! My husband keeps reminding me that I was nervous about two but now I have mastered it. I think mastered is a loose term 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do great!

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