Bring on the Baby!!!

August 3, 2012

For the longest time I would think about having a newborn (even just a baby from age 0-1) and I would sorta cringe. Thinking about the growing pains was hard – remembering how challenging it had been to our family dynamic. Yet I had always wanted three children and knew that in order to make that family happen, I would have to go down that tough road again.

As Gabby is getting more and more independent (although not quite independent enough in some ways and too independent in others), Adam and I were realizing that we are getting so far away from “babyhood” that if we ever wanted to grow our family, it had to be now or never! So in efforts to see the big picture we decided to take the plunge. But despite being pregnant, I still got kinda shaky about the whole baby idea.

This past week our close friends had a baby. Almost as if I also had the baby, everything changed. I started to get excited about all those feelings you have after you have a new baby. I started to think about the changes your family go through as once in a lifetime excitement to our everyday monotony. I started to sing a different tune.

Then I had the chance to meet the baby. I held this little thing. I smelled his “new baby” smell. I saw that glazed over sleepiness that his parents had. I thought about how special it is bringing this little man into the world and how they are now dedicated to getting him on a path. First hopefully a path towards a normal sleep schedule. Then a path towards babyhood, toddler days, child craziness, pre-teen awkwardness, teenage years, college days, adulthood, etc.

This last week has been my sickest week of three pregnancies. This pregnancy as a whole, so far, has challenged me physically way more than my others. And maybe that also attributed to my lack of enthusiasm, although I think it was really the nerves of it all. But thanks to my friends, and thanks to their precious little offspring, I’m feeling totally different.

I’m taking my nonstop nausea in my stride, I’m smiling each time I feel the baby move around, I’m feeling happier about my changing body (assuming these extra pounds don’t linger afterwards of course :). Some may even say I’m radiating a pregnant glow, although I’d say it’s the layer of sweat from this horrible heat coupled with my nonstop nauseous feeling 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bring on the Baby!!!

  1. Good for you for being so positive…even through all the nausea! I’m trying to do the same this time around. I think the fact that when you know it might be “last time” you try to cherish every moment of it, the good and the bad. I can’t say that I don’t miss the first 5 months of nausea but I’m trying to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy because (according to plan) its most likely our last ;-(

    • I definitely had that “last time” feeling with my second. I felt unfinished but tried to convince myself that two kids made the most sense. Now that we decided to go for three, I think I can officially say that I’m ok with this being the last time. Maybe that’s the nausea talking 🙂

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