And that’s a wrap!

July 27, 2012

It has ended. T-ball season is over. Even though it was only two days a week, it seems like we have been living and breathing t-ball during this month long season. It has been a ton of fun for not just Drew…

but all the fans that have come to each and every game.

Da Coach has worked hard managing his team of eight 4 year olds, which has been a nonstop juggling act.

While the star has worked on his many skills…

But we have all learned a lot from this first season in organized league sports.

1. Despite popular belief, there is in fact plenty of crying in baseball.
2. The fact that you want your fellow team members to succeed is a hard concept to grasp.
3. While fielding it may be compelling to be the umpire, to coach the other team or talk smack to a baseman.
4. It’s more entertaining to watch your ball fly through the air than actually run to your base.
5. It’s near impossible to get more than a single when your team mates don’t understand how to run the bases.
6. It’s not about having fun, it really is about winning.
7. And the trophy at the end makes it all worthwhile!

Can’t wait for next year!

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