Errands Are My Life

June 5, 2012

Errands are my life. Run here, run there…I think I shuffle my family around like it is in fact my job. Recently I learned of a service called, Errand Mamas, and it got me thinking…

Speaking as a retired employee who would love to find a way to score a couple of extra dollars, I couldn’t help but respect these moms from my town that are rallying their efforts towards this business. At $35/hour (one half hour the minimum), I certainly am not going to outsource my errands. I’m a mom on a budget after all! So is there a clientele that would benefit from Errand Mamas?

For awhile I provided my parents a Seattle Sutton way of living. I would grocery shop for them, get them a few meals a week, and they would give me a finder’s fee for doing the legwork. They struggle to find low-fat easy meal ideas and since that’s all I do, it seemed like a win/win for both of us. I’m not sure why I stopped doing it but I’m rethinking that. I digress…

After I had both of my babies, I became quite familiar with Peapod. It was nice to be able to pick out my own groceries from the convenience of home without dragging a newborn into the horrendous experience of grocery shopping. While I was working, I depended on to deliver us diapers so that I didn’t have to be bothered with that. I’m certainly no amateur to online shopping for gifts, clothes and kids’ stuff, shipping costs and all! So why should it be any different with Errand Mamas?

Anyway, there are clearly people out there (especially working folk) that have never-ending errands like me, no time to fulfill all their needs, and money to spend for the convenience. And for these people, Errand Mamas, is perfect!

Props to my fellow retired employee mommies for coming up with an innovative business idea! And for that I dedicate Errand Mamas to “My Favorite Things.”

***Check out their recent write up in the Chicago Sun Times here

3 thoughts on “Errands Are My Life

  1. Peapod? I’ve never even heard of these!!! How convenient! Actually, as much as it is stressful, exhausting, chaotic, (the list goes on and on) I do enjoy running errands because it’s my way of getting out of the house and back into society! lol!

    • I totally agree! They are my outings! But sometimes I feel like that’s sad. Maybe I should hire people to do my errands so I can go to a museum or something with my kids rather than Target!!!

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