Girly Girl

February 7, 2012

I didn’t have a strong male influence in my life so when I was first told I was having a boy I was excited but was really unsure with what you do with a boy. Fortunately Drew has educated me as we’ve gone. I am now aware of sports players I never knew existed. In some ways I’m more comfortable with how to play with boys, boy characters and buying gifts for boys.

When I was told that I was having a girl with Gabby, I was sort of in a fog. I couldn’t believe I was having a girl and was excited about all that comes with it. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it though. And for a long time her girlyness was forced. We embraced a Pinkalicious life but it was because I wasn’t allowing any other way.

Now as she’s getting older, she’s growing into her inner girl. She has a strong affinity for Princesses (aka “Ya-yas”), she loves purses and tries to steal them when we are at stores, and she actually doesn’t like it when she doesn’t have a bow in her hair! I feel a true sense of accomplishment!

And the best part is that she’s also learning how to throw a football around, kick a soccer ball and kick some older brother butt. It makes her the best girly girl a girl can be! And my thrill over having a girl just continues to grow!

I want to be crystal clear when I say that I’m ecstatic Drew is a boy, I love his male influence in our house and he’s perfect exactly the way he is (wearing the same jersey for days on end, being more wound up than humanly possible and sports addicted). But I am no longer alone. I don’t have to be that weird old lady at American Girl Doll wanting to relive her youth. I get to have my mini-partner in crime. My little lady 🙂

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