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April 3, 2012

I realize I may not always be the best source. Is it possible I have a brain in my head considering I keep crashing my car? Then there’s the fact that I sometimes like things that…aren’t exactly intellectually stimulating. And sometimes I think my taste in some things has stayed at the same place I was when I was the tender age of fifteen. But when I like something, I usually REALLY like it! And this book is no exception to that fact!

After Adam bought me a Kindle Fire, I realized that it was time to buckle down and read like I did before I worked full time with two kids. First I started with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. There was so much hoopla with the books and the movie. So I decided to see what that was all about. At first I struggled to get into it but found it very entertaining and a good read. With that book under my belt, I thought I’d try Hunger Games because that was another one of those – lots of people had read it and there was a movie coming out…yadda yadda.

Nobody mentioned that it was like Twilight all over again! Or maybe I wasn’t listening. After reading the first page, I was hooked. There aren’t many books that you are committed to the trilogy from the first page. There aren’t many books that you feel compelled to stalk people at the pool to buy the second book off of them because you didn’t think it was necessary to lug two enormous books with you to Mexico and the gift shop doesn’t have the second book. (Yes, that was what I did after completion of the first Twilight book in the series) I’m loving The Hunger Games in the forgo tv at night sorta way. That’s a big deal for me.

Now that I’m sufficiently into the second book of the trilogy, I’m going to see the movie. Everyone seems to be happy with the movie. Considering how much I didn’t like the adaptation of Twilight to movies, the bar is pretty low. But I’m really excited to relive the story with the movie!

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