The Passover Challenge

April 9, 2012

Last Friday at sundown started Passover. This kick started a week of matzah, avoiding bread and bread products for a lot of Jewish people. There are other stipulations like avoiding corn syrup and yeast in things like beer too.

The thing is, at the risk of sounding religious, G-d has been good to me. I am very blessed. And if I’ve learned nothing from my ancestors wandering the desert for forty years, I have it good. So I’ve always committed myself to participating in Passover because it makes me feel like its the least I can do. Moving forward, I could always use extra points with the big guy upstairs.

This year, however, from the minute the sun went down Friday night, Passover has been on my nerves. My brain is constantly working overtime on figuring out healthy, Gabby friendly meals for us. Adding one more thing is enough to do me in. One might think I need to chill out and get over it, but that one probably hasn’t read all my blogs because if I were able to do that life would be a heck of a lot easier than it is for me.

It used to be that Passover was a time for fried matzah (kinda like french toast but substitute matzah for bread), which Gabby can’t have, or matzah pizza (same story here). So now I’m forced to entering the far recesses of my brain to come up with something that satisfies all.

So its day 3 of this 8 day challenge. At first I felt like I was a sinking ship about to fail at my task. Then I went to the grocery store for the fifth time in four days and feel a little more motivated. I have stocked up on potatoes that are ready to take the shape of almost anything you can imagine. We have massive amounts of protein and tons of veggies as an accompaniment. I’m feeling pretty good about getting us to Friday night.

Friday night, however, we have plans with non-Jewish family friends that I’m sure will want normal kids foods and normal kids desserts. And then there’s the birthday party on Saturday. Please forgive me father…I’m trying my best to fight an uphill battle.

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