Day 4 of the Challenge

April 11, 2012

As mentioned earlier in the week, I’m in the midst of the eight day Passover challenge. Keeping Passover has always been a challenge but now trying to manage Gabby’s allergies and keep Passover is REALLY difficult.

Last night I made a meal that I was rather proud of.

Tilapia with roasted potatoes

I seasoned the tilapia with salt and pepper, smothered it in fresh lemon juice then sauteed it in olive oil and garlic. I also sauteed some onions and mushrooms, separately, in garlic and olive oil. I served the garnish on top.

I boiled some golden potatoes. When they were soft, I thinly sliced them, brushed olive oil onto both sides, and drizzled kosher salt. I also included some cherry tomatoes, cut in halfs, dressed the same, and baked them together at 425 for 25 minutes.

The good news is that Adam and I loved it! We ended up eating far more of it than anticipated since both kids refused to eat it. Gabby liked the potatoes, Drew didn’t like anything. Wah wah!

Tonight I’m attempting turkey meatloaf with maztah meal in place of bread crumbs and mashed cauliflower. Wish me luck!

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