A House Divided

April 26, 2012

It has started. Somewhere, somehow I thought it could be different. Or maybe I just blocked it out. It’s hard not to get excited at the thought of winter turning to spring and eventually leading to summer. It’s easy to get caught up in everything that means…except when it comes to baseball.

We have a mixed marriage. And in some ways I wish it meant that one of us thought of Jesus as their savior and the other not. In this case it is about baseball. Who thought mixed emotions regarding baseball teams could get so ugly?!

My husband, Adam, is an avid Cubs fan. His father worked the scoreboard as a child, was a part of grounds crew and even walked the stands vending a variety of goods. So clearly it is in Adam’s blood. In the almost twelve years we’ve been together I have seen not only how important the Cubs are to him, but how painfully difficult it is to be a Cubs fan.

My parents are avid White Sox fans. Gramps, affectionately referred to in our house as Cookoo, has season’s tickets and makes it his goal to convert Drew at all costs. With an abundance of tickets, a relatively recent victory and more funds than we have, Cookoo has the leg up.

From Opening Day on, our house turns into a mad house of baseball 24/7. I have baseball coming out of my ears. The polite digs between the two parties are endless. The eagerness to fill up our summer with games is already driving me nuts! The countless amount of paraphernalia filling up is starting to make our house look like a sad episode of Hoarders.

A season that I used to anxiously await is forcing me into a state of utter dread. As I joyfully embraced the beginning of football last year where we can all agree on one team, I’m feeling as if I’d like to jump ahead to fall. At least I can hang on to basketball…for the time being if nothing more.

***In case it wasn’t clear I’d like to give the disclaimer that I don’t really give a flying floot about baseball enough to prefer a team. That being said, if I were forced to choose…I’d side with my man 🙂

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