Bring on Football

August 23, 2011

As previously explained, Drew has a passion for baseball. It is maybe more like an obsession than a passion. And this obsession stems deep. From the first pitch in April until the last one in September, Drew plays, thinks, talks, dreams baseball.

Growing up an only child with mostly my mom around, there was little sports influence in my life. Sure, occasionally we would hit up a baseball game or catch a big football game on tv but that was about as far as it stemmed. Even as a high school and college student I would go to a game but I frequently would come home not knowing the score of the games.

Once Adam came into the picture, I realized that sporting events could be quite fun. Beer in hand, sunny day…who wouldn’t love a day at Wrigley. I was always up for hitting up the local pub to support whichever team required us to do so but that would not mean I was a sports fan per se.

Then Drew came around. From a very, very early age he was a sports fan. At a mere 12 months, he went to his first White Sox game and sat through every second. He was a little spooked by the crowds but other than that he was glued watching the players. I try to get him to play with the variety of expensive toys he has, but he really only wants to play baseball. He has countless outdoor baseball sets and a variety of indoor ones too so that we are never put in a circumstance that doesn’t allow for baseball playing.

This whole concept could not be more foreign for me. I get the whole pretending thing, I can play a mean tea party. I can be athletic, I’m quite happy running the bases. But this nonstop, can’t play anything, can’t wear any other clothing, can’t read any other books is beyond me!

And as the season ends and football season picks up, he will become more football focused. Once hockey and basketball season start, he will get more inspired to take on those subjects. But none of those sports will inspire the baseball demon inside that the summer brings.

With the fall just a few weeks away, I will miss the summer days. I will not, however, miss baseball. I love baseball because the boy I love loves it. I will not miss the unwillingness to appreciate anything but baseball, I will not miss the constant berating of Cubs vs the White Sox within our family, I will not miss the Cubs and White Sox books I have now read 1,742,347 times. Fans may be disappointed our teams will not be going to the World Series but I will be too busy celebrating the start of football to let that get in my way. Bring on football!!!

3 thoughts on “Bring on Football

  1. I love you Heli…but you are really confusing the boy…he can’t wear a Sox hat with a Cubs shirt….it’s just not appropriate…just dump the shirt!!! 🙂 GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mara, you have to understand that we are trying to raise children in a mixed religion house. Sometimes you just have to embrace the Sox hat with the Cubs shirt just to make everyone happy. Not sure if you can see in the pic but at the Cubs/White Sox game Drew is wearing a shirt with half Cubs and half Sox (one of his bday gifts). Difficult times call for difficult measures 🙂

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