I NEED it!!!!

December 16, 2011

I try so hard to keep my greed and financial focus in check but I’m failing miserably. For so long I thought having a single family house was all I needed in life. That having a home for my kids to run around in would answer all my problems.

I have learned that its never that easy. Of course I want personal things – I love new clothes, I’ll take all the shoes I can get and I also go crazy for handbags. But now the desire for house things has started. It’s no wonder Drew is never satisfied, look at his role model.

When we first moved in we wanted to do some construction. As previously mentioned, we tore down a wall, we turned a sliding glass door into a window seat and storage bin, etc etc. Now my intense desire for other things around the house has started.

And so comes the kitchen island. It only made sense really. We have limited storage, we need more counterspace, everything can be justified.

And then the rugs. We have all hardwood floors and it gets cold in the winter. We NEEDED those.

But our walls are bare, we NEED more artwork. What’s the point in having newly painted beautiful walls if not to get the right accents to highlight them so perfectly.

Unfortunately my needs are definitely outweighing my funds available. So at some point the word NEED needs to be reevaluated.

My mother will definitely be the first one to tell you that I have NEEDed quite a bit in my day. And although one NEEDS food and shelter, perhaps one does not NEED artwork. It may be more black and white than I have let on.

So when does the day come that I’m just content? When do I stop NEEDing? When do I just look around and appreciate how unbelievably lucky I am?

I spend so much of my life in the land of yearning for something more. What more is there in the world? I have a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, operating vehicles, two amazing homes…what is there left to want? And I still want…I downright NEED. When is enough enough?

2 thoughts on “I NEED it!!!!

  1. This is the problem with stuff – it will never be enough! The desire will never be fulfilled, so you keep on shopping. When you think you’re ‘done’ fashions change, and you need to redo everything – clothes, makeup, the house. It’s a great system that keeps all our favorite stores in business!

    The only way I can combat it, is to tell myself I have ‘enough’ and that’s all I need. I’ve never wanted for a warm bed at night, or a loaf of bread. I have more than enough, and I always have. More ‘stuff’ will just be more stuff to look after, more stuff to care for, more stuff to store. It actually lightens the load when you decide to stop acquiring things. Just stop bringing things (except consumables) into the house for a month. No stocking up on shampoo because it’s cheap, or buying more than you need. I guarantee you will actually feel freer, happier, and you will appreciate what you have more.

    Don’t get me wrong – I splurge on a gorgeous handbag every once in a while, and I like to look nice. But I’ve learnt that if I finish one blush before buying the next, I anticipate and enjoy the purchase, and then the product, so much more. I really cherish my things so much more now that I am not always on the look out for the next purchase. Honestly, living with less becomes addictive. Try it!
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    • I think you make such a good point. When moving into my house, I instantly wanted it all perfect. The truth is that each thing I add to it, the more exciting it becomes. I now want to stretch out the improvements so that the excitement lasts longer. I love the perspective you have and will work to become addicted to living with less. Thanks so much for your two cents…or honest answer 🙂

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