Winter Break

December 20, 2011

Oh winter break, how our love affair is over. I spent so much of my life loving winter break. Who doesn’t love time off of school. When you have kids, however, its a whole new ballgame.

Without school to structure our days and the insane crowds at every kid friendly location, I could go crazy keeping these rugrats occupied. Of course their is the influx of people available for playdates. But where can you go in the middle of winter that won’t be a zoo without animals?

Our crazy schedule of rushing out the door in the morning to get to school on time takes its toll. I’m happy to be able to meander out of the house in the morning. I’m happy to not have to set my alarm at some obscene time to make sure we operate like a well oiled machine.

I am not happy, however, to have kids that are stir crazy in the house because I do not have the energy to fight the winter break crowds. I am not happy to have a lack of structure for my kids that require structure in their lives. I am not happy when that day in the not too distant future comes where we need to go back to school and all routine no longer exists.

Why is there not enough publicity on how challenging time off of school can be? Why are my memories of winter break bliss stricken from my mind? What will I possibly do to keep these crazy kids entertained? Please someone help me through this rough patch!

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