Back in the land of the living!

December 6, 2011

It’s amazing how in less than one weeks time, a dirty gross pile of bricks can become your home. Walking around our empty townhouse when we were all packed up, it looked like a skeleton of a home that it once was. And now that we are relatively unpacked and our things are filling up our freshly made over house, it feels like home.

It’s been a long road. In about 6 hours our life was picked up from our old house and dropped off at our new house. And as much as I wanted to dwell in the excitement of it all, the disheveled state we were in was so overwhelming that it was hard to bask in the glory of it.

I tried so hard to force myself to be one of those people that can handle things being up in the air. But I am who I am, and I wasn’t in a good place. Prone to migraines my whole life, I have been without a migraine for several years. In a couple day span after moving in, I experienced two migraine headaches.

The best way I can explain it is to relate it to excitement. You can try with all your might to will yourself to be excited about something. You may feel a level of enthusiasm but not the adrenaline rush excitement you get from truly being excited. I tried to will myself to deal with the chaos but I just wasn’t ok. And as each task gets conquered – first our sleeping quarters, then our kitchen, yesterday cable/internet, I feel myself settling. I feel the glory now.

And now that everything, for the most part, has a place and we have developed a routine, I feel a calmness that I have been lacking for the last week. I feel like I am back in the land of the living. We still have an endless amount of tasks to complete, but my head (figuratively and literally) is on again.

So what better time to go on the most grueling vacation a person could go on with two kids under the age of 4…DISNEY WORLD! We leave in one week. I have just started to get excited, in time for the intense stress of packing us up all over again which starts tomorrow (the stress that is).

2 thoughts on “Back in the land of the living!

  1. Your new place looks great and I love the colors you chose. I can’t wait to see your new house. Have a great trip to the warmer weather – I’m so jealous.

  2. Wow!!! Your place looks beautiful!!!! We can’t wait to see it!!!! I hope to talk to you before you leave for vacation, but in case I don’t….Have a wonderful time!!!! Love that Wiener family!!!!

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